4 Best Brushing Habits To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Posted On Dec 24, 2019

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Brushing your teeth seems to be a very simple task and all of you might be of the opinion that you are brushing in a correct fashion, right? But in reality, there are a few common mistakes we do while brushing teeth that can damage a healthy smile. The purpose of proper brushing is to get rid of the harmful bacteria which can cause cavities. Recognize the bad brushing habits in you and curb them to have better teeth. Here are few key points to be noted:

Pick the right brush and toothpaste

Choose a brush of the right size, not to strain yourself while opening your mouth to brush your teeth. A brush with rough bristles can erode your gum line, so pick a brush with soft bristles arranged in different directions. Replace the old brush with a fresh one every 3 months, as the brush turns a shelter for germs by this time. An electronic brush concentrates on all areas more effectively compared to a manual brush. Visit Manipal for the best dental treatment in Bangalore.

Plain fluoride toothpaste can strengthen enamel and gums. Toothpaste containing whitening particles in excess can damage the tooth structure. Switching between whitening toothpaste and regular ones is occasionally ok.

Timings of brushing

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice every day. Brushing immediately after eating can wash away the saliva and other good stuff from your mouth, so give a gap of around half an hour after eating. Check your watch to see if you are brushing for at least 2 to 3 minutes every time. However, do not overdo it as it can wear down the enamel coat and damage the gums.

Follow the right brushing technique

If you have complaints of dental problems despite regular brushing, then you are probably not following the right brushing technique!

Reach every nook and corner

Concentrate while you brush, to reach all the surfaces of the teeth. Focus on a few teeth at one time and then move to the next set of teeth. Continue from top to bottom, one side to the other, and from front to back. Clean the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of your teeth. It is a good idea to look into a mirror so that you don’t fail to brush any surface. Brush in vertical, horizontal motions and in small circles by placing your brush at 45-degrees to the teeth.

Brush the gums and clean your tongue as well for fresh breath. You may use floss to clean in between the teeth, where the chance for the formation of cavities is too high.

Are you brushing too hard?

It doesn’t need a lot of effort to remove the plaques away. Brushing too hard can break the enamel coating on your teeth over a period. Sideways hard brushing can cause abfraction lesions or notches near the gum line. Brushing aggressively is more traumatic for sensitive teeth as it can cause irritation.

Few other things to be observed

Dry your brush properly to prevent bacterial growth. Do not allow touching of two or more brushes. Keep your brush in a tidy place, away from the toilet or sink.

Your overall health is one way related to your healthy teeth. Unless you have healthy teeth, you cannot eat healthy food. Taking proper care and brushing teeth properly can reduce your visits to a dentist and ensure they in perfect condition for your lifetime. So try to gradually change your brushing habits before you have any dental problems or before they get worse!

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