A Detailed Analysis Of Gum Diseases

Posted On Dec 26, 2019

Department of Dental Medicine

Manipal Hospitals

Are you having bleeding in your gums? Does your breath smell of a very bad odor? Do you have red swelling in your gums? These are basically all symptoms of gum disease which is of varying severity – as low as a small inflammation of gums to major damage to the gum tissues that hold your teeth in position.

Causes of gum diseases

Basic Cause

Gum diseases can be mainly attributed to improper cleansing and noneffective dental care due to which the bacteria starts accumulating in our mouth and thus forms a yellow sticky layer called plaque.  Over time, this plaque gets modified into tartar which causes decay of the gum tissues and the teeth, leading to risks of dental decay.

Other related causes:

  • Smoking- People who engage in smoking often expose their gum tissues to harmful products in the smoking agents, thus inevitably affecting your teeth and gums. What more reason do you need to quit smoking?


  • Diabetes– Well, it is a known fact that diabetes often leads to many other similar problems. Gum disease is one of them. The presence of diabetes inadvertently causes infection of the weakened tissues thus leading to major gum diseases.


  • Heredity factors– It is a prevalent custom of contracting genetic gum diseases from family members. These may range from mild to severe problems depending upon the symptoms. Consult with our best dentist for gum treatment.


  • Medications- Well, side effects of some medications may often be witnessed in acute gum problems that may often lead to more complications over time.


  • Hormonal effects– This is common amongst women due to the variation of hormonal conditions inside the body. Gums, being the most vulnerable part, often are the first target of such variations.

Treatments of gum disease:

  • Cleansing– The target here is to control the spread of the infection. It is mandatory to get nice deep cleansing via scaling and planning of the roots to remove any potential bacteria from the gums.


  • Effective medications– If the problem is more severe, it is highly advisable to visit a dental hospital and get your gums treated by a professional for the best results.


  • Surgical treatments- Grafting of bone and tissue is one surgical treatment that might be offered in severe cases.


It is highly advisable to exercise precaution and take good care of your gums and teeth to avoid any further risks and thus reduce the costs of treatment for the same. Better safe than sorry.