How To Prevent Childhood Obesity

Posted On Dec 24, 2019

Obesity is a serious health concern which triggers other ailments like heart diseases, diabetes, joint ailments, sleep apnea, etc. Obesity is troublesome and its cause goes down to a low nutrient diet and lack of physical activity. For some, it is genetic and hard to control while others develop it with age. Many children become obese while growing up and this is a result of lack of adult guidance during childhood and adolescent years.

Therefore, to keep your child away from this life-threatening medical condition, you need to take steps rather than ignoring the slow transition of your kids towards obesity.

Keep your kid’s body regulated by incorporating these simple tips:

1) Inculcate in your kids a habit of eating salad and having some water right before their meals. The good part of this activity is that half their hunger will be fulfilled in eating fibre rich fruits and veggies and having water will keep them hydrated and promote to eat less.  Visit Manipal for the best bariatric surgery.

2) Foster a habit of eating in small proportions after intervals among your kids. Instead of eating heavy meals three times a day and munching snacks, crisps and junk other time, it is better to tell your kids to eat in intervals. They can have rounds of fruits, liquid diets, soups, muesli, dry fruits, etc in regulated amounts and after frequent breaks.

3) Encourage your children to take part in outdoor games and recreation by opening the doors of outside world for them. Kids are more receptive to fun games, and inculcating this habit is better before they get addicted to video games and social media.

4) Kids are more active and lively and seem to not get tired. This is reflected through their activities in the age of 1-3 years. The same can go on for life if parents guide children properly. Do not let your kids develop a habit of sitting in front of desktops and phones. Laziness is the path to obesity.

5) Mentoring your kids to choose their drinks wisely is the need of the hour. Encourage your children to have drinks that are low on calorie and sugar content. Fizzy drinks and sugar sweetened beverages trigger obesity and adversely affect those who are already overweight.

6) One presumption is that breakfast should be skipped so as to reduce fat intake. This is a big myth. Skipping breakfast leads to obesity as the person ends up eating a lot more than needed during the lunch time.

7) Promote eating together as a family. When a family eats together, the children are less likely to eat the snacks or collation meals.

8) Fast food or outside food is last on the list because many people already know that it leads to obesity. This is so because these fats are difficult to break down.

Hence, it is better to incorporate these good dietary habits in your regime than regret later because obesity can shorten your kid’s lifespan. Children are in a phase in their life when their bodies are still developing and inculcating healthy habits at this point will pay of well into adult life.