Paediatric infectious diseases

Paediatric Infectious Diseases Treatment in Ghaziabad

Paediatric infectious diseases 

Owing to the developing immune system children are uniquely susceptible to a variety of infections in the community. 
The manifestations are different from adults thereby requiring inputs from a paediatric infectious disease (PID)  specialist

A PID specialist is a paediatrician who is specialized in infectious disease and has the knowledge and skill to treat complicated infections,  tackling misuse of antibiotics, managing difficult to treat infections, handling rare infections and enforce infection control policies to prevent spread of the infection within the community and the hospital.

Infections in children with compromised immunity and malignancies require complex team management where contributions from the PID specialist is essential to ensure optimum care and smooth outcomes.

Due to the misuse of antibiotics, a new era of hospital-acquired infections has emerged which by far are one of the toughest infections to diagnose and treat.

Our hospital is equipped with state of art, laboratory services and qualified experts in the field of Microbiology who help in working out solutions to tackle all aspects of infections that steer patient outcomes. 

Our hospital has a dedicated infection control committee and documented infection control policies which aim at preventing infection in hospitalized children and ensures antibiotic stewardship - " Right antibiotic for the right illness"

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