Cervical Health Awareness Month: Importance Of Awareness And Early Screening

Posted On Jan 24, 2023

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cervical health awareness in Kharadi Pune

Every year, over 3 lakh women in developing and underdeveloped nations lose their lives to cervical cancer globally. Lack of awareness around cervical health is the primary reason for this massive loss of human resources. January is marked as cervical cancer awareness month by the World Health Organization. With the right knowledge and care around cervical cancer, we can help safeguard the health and well-being of the women in our lives. 

Cervical cancer is the third most common type of cancer that occurs in the Indian population and was recorded as the second most common mortality factor in the female population in the year 2020. Found exclusively in women, this cancer type is a cause of concern. Through this article, we shall learn about warning signs and preventive measures for the disease. 

Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix region of the female reproductive system. The cervix is the region of the female reproductive system above the vaginal opening and below the uterus. The occurrence of Cervical cancer is largely attributed to infection of the Human Papillomavirus or HPV. HPV is a sexually transmitted virus. Hence, sexual contact can lead to the spread of this infection. Preventing infection of this virus can help reduce the chances of a person contracting cervical cancer. If you are experiencing any cervical cancer symptoms, visit a top cancer care hospital in Kharadi, Pune

January 2023 is cervical cancer awareness month in Kharadi. So, we shall learn more about cervical cancer and ways to take care of cervical health through medical care and support. First, we will look at some of the signs and symptoms to be cautious of. 

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

  • Pelvic weakness

  • Cramps and pains in the lower abdomen.

  • Excessive pain during periods.

  • Abnormal pain or discomfort during intercourse.

  • Spot bleeding in between menstrual cycles.

  • Bleeding post menopause

  • Foul discharge

  • Excessive discharge

  • Loss of bladder control

While these could be caused due to bacterial infections or hormonal abnormality as well, prolonged discomfort or persistence of these signs could indicate an underlying condition of the cervix. If you observe any of the above signs, do not ignore them. Consult us, we have the best gynaecologists in Kharadi, Pune who can guide you about every aspect related to cervical health. 

Step One - Vaccinate

There are various vaccinations available now, through which one can gain immunity against the Human Papillomavirus. With timely vaccinations and care, one can reduce their risk of serious infections and prevent cervical cancer. 

Step Two - Screen 

Another way of ensuring good cervical health is going for regular screening and checkups. If you are above 25 years of age, getting a pap smear test every 5 years is advisable. A pap smear is a test used for the detection of cervical cancer. The doctor observes the cervical tissue for abnormalities and may suggest a biopsy if the tissues show visible signs of abnormality.

 If you or someone you know is experiencing the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer,  you must get checked for Cervical Cancer. Manipal Hospitals has some of the best doctors for cervical cancer in Pune, and booking an appointment is as easy as making a phone call. 

Step Three - Treatment

With timely detection, cancer can be treated effectively. The same goes for cervical cancer. With timely screening and regular health checkups for cervical health, one can detect cervical cancer in its infancy. 

With the latest treatment and therapy options, cervical oncologists can help restore health and normal body function.
At Manipal Hospitals, some of the best oncologists in Pune, help screen patients and chart treatment options to help treat the patient in the best way possible. 

Cancers in all forms, when diagnosed timely can be treated, and cervical cancer too can be treated. With the cervical cancer awareness month, Manipal Hospitals aims to spread much-needed awareness around the disease so it can be prevented and detected well in time for successful treatment. For all your queries about cancer and cervical health, call our helpline numbers and book an appointment today. 

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