Know All About The New Variant: Covid BF.7

Posted On Jan 13, 2023

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BF7 Variant in Kharadi Pune

The covid virus has been making the rounds with new variants, the latest in the line of variants being the BF.7. The full name for this variant is BA. This is a sub-species of Omicron’s BA.5 variant. Continue reading to find out all about it, symptoms to watch out for, and precautions needed to stay fit in 2023.

Why is It Important?

Based on reports, the BF.7 variant must be taken more seriously than all previous covid variants. This is due to its high transmissibility. It means the virus has a much faster rate of spread than its predecessors. Also, the infection of this virus can spread to more people from an infected person. It is partly due to the shorter incubation period of the virus. 

The incubation period of a virus is the timeline between exposure versus the appearance of the first signs or symptoms of infection from that virus. Because of this, the chances of infection and spread are higher than before. 

Firstly, we should never panic, and with the proper care and precaution, the virus spread can be curtailed, mitigating further infection among the masses. Currently, if you are experiencing any symptoms, it is best to consult an expert doctor in Kharadi. 

Symptoms to Watch Out for

The symptoms of the New Variant in Kharadi are very similar to those of the other sub-variants of Omicron. An infected person may show signs and symptoms as follows:

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Sore throat

  • Runny nose 

  • Fatigue

  • Vomiting and 

  • Diarrhea in extreme cases

  • Body pain

  • Phlegm

  • Runny Nose

This sub-variant can cause severe symptoms and extreme discomfort in patients with weakened or compromised immune systems. It is advisable to visit a doctor and or get a covid test done. This is vital in case someone has severe body aches due to flu symptoms or experiences any abnormal signs or symptoms with a cold and cough for a prolonged period. If you get infected by a BF7 Variant in Kharadi, it is best to visit a hospital that has facilities and a team of expert doctors specific to infectious diseases. 

Precautions to be Followed

  • Physical Distancing

 Coronavirus primarily spreads when a healthy individual comes in contact with an infected person. Hence, it is imperative to maintain physical distance from people to avoid it. 

  •  Maintain Hygiene 

 The most important habit to practice during an outbreak of infectious agents like a virus is hygiene. In general, also, maintaining good hygiene practices is ideal for health. 

  • Wear a Mask 

 Putting on a mask, or wearing protective face covers is an ideal way to minimize exposure to infectious agents. It also helps prevent the spread of infection from the infected individual to others around them. 

  •  Vaccination

If you have not been vaccinated, make sure you do now. If you have already received covid vaccination, get a booster dose for increased immunity and protection. 

How to Take Care 

  • Eat healthy 

 Another way to maintain good health and prevent infections is to ensure good nutrition for yourself and those around you. A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables will help you build immunity and prevent infections. 

  •  Fluid Intake 

 Maintaining optimum fluid intake in the body is also known to boost immunity and the elimination of toxins from the body. 

  •  Good fats 

 With plummeting temperatures, consuming dry fruits and fatty foods can help maintain body heat and provide protection against cold and flu. 

  •  Cover up 

 With winter in full swing across all of north India, it is vital to wear woolen clothes and wrap yourself up properly to prevent cold and related issues. 

  •  Hot food 

Consuming hot soups, hot food, and foods considered to have a warming effect on the body such as dry fruits, and spices when added to food can help keep warm. 

Manipal Hospitals Kharadi has some of the best doctors for infectious diseases. Visit your nearest Manipal Hospital or book an appointment today for all your queries about covid and its symptoms. 

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