Role Of ER And Ambulance In Stroke And Heart Attack Cases

Posted On Apr 30, 2023

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Best Ambulatory Emergency Care Hospital in Pune

Timely medical attention in case of an accident, heart attack or brain stroke can save so many lives every year. The biggest challenge when a medical emergency occurs is to understand the type of emergency and reach out to a multi-speciality hospital that is well-equipped to treat a wide range of emergencies. In most cases either there is a delay in understanding the situation, at times the ambulances arrive late or are not equipped or the hospital is incapable of handling that particular type of emergency. All these situations are critical factors that can save a life and thus becomes very important at the time of an emergency.

With the help of the best emergency care specialist in Kharadi Pune, one can get the finest and quickest treatment in case of any emergency. Through this article let’s find out more about how a well-equipped ambulance and reaching out to multi-speciality hospitals like Manipal Hospitals is important for the right and immediate medical attention.

Golden Hour Aid

The aid given in the first 60 minutes of an accident or a medical emergency is the golden hour aid. The chances of a patient's survival increase significantly on receiving emergency medicine during the golden hour. The need for trained volunteers or technicians who can offer first aid, ambulance technicians, or ER doctors is significant as a bulk of golden hours often goes to reaching the hospital. Manipal Hospitals at Kharadi, Pune, offers complete emergency medicine support with trained technicians and ER doctors.

Triage management or triaging

Triaging is the practice of deciding the treatment's order. Manipal Hospitals ensure that all ambulance technicians and emergency doctors are adept at triaging and first aid. Manipal Hospitals conducts regular workshops and skill seminars to ensure the knowledge of medical practitioners is always up to date in Basic Life Support. Further, there are different codes for each of the emergency situations, which are implemented and specialists of cardiology, neurology and neurosurgery are available for emergency management.

The Emergency Department 

The emergency department should be easily accessible directly via all modes of transport. The emergency medical room should have ample space for parking and 24*7 facilities like electricity, water, emergency beds, and a hygienic toilet. An emergency doctor supported by trained medical staff should be available to help patients around the clock.

Essential Equipment for Emergency Department

Some equipment that should be available in an emergency department are:

  • Nebuliser

  • Oxygen availability

  • Pulse oximeter

  • Airways

  • ECG machine

  • IV Cannulas

  • Syringes 

  • Medicines

  • Glucometer

  • Laryngoscope

  • Manual resuscitator

  • Ventilators

  • Access to a blood bank

  • Multi-parameter patient monitor.

  • Access to doctors across key departments.

Best Emergency Medicine Hospital Around Kharadi, Pune

A well-equipped Emergency Department is very important in patient management. When a stroke patient is given immediate care, their chances of surviving increase. Further, the extent of damage to vital organs is minimized as medical management with drugs and oxygen helps lower impact. Various specialists work in close coordination with the Emergency Care team, in the case of Stroke patients, expert neurologists are consulted for triage management to administer the best treatment route within the shortest time frame. Manipal Hospitals, Kharadi is considered the best ambulatory emergency care hospital in Pune as this hospital has a dedicated department for accidents and emergency care to help all patients to survive and recover from sudden injuries like fractures and cuts to situations like heart attacks and strokes. The department offers 24*7 emergency medicine support for adults, children, infants and adolescents.

Procedures available at Manipal Hospitals, Kharadi, Pune

  • Emergency airway management rescues from life-threatening choking.

  • Reinflation of the collapsed lung reduces the pressure on the collapsed lung by allowing it to operate naturally using a needle aspiration process that removes air from the chest cavity or advanced Percutaneous Chest Tube Drainage.

  • Tracheostomy allows critical patients to breathe straight from an opening in the throat attached to a ventilator. 

Rapid response and management of Stroke can help reduce organ damage and save lives, therefore a well-equipped ER team is vital for the management of patients with stroke. Manipal Hospitals, Kharadi has some of the best Critical Care surgeons for the management of all your emergency needs including stroke. For any emergency needs, call our emergency numbers or walk into your nearest Manipal Hospital. We also invite you to read more about the trending health topics from our official blog page straight from the doctors.

Role of ER and Ambulance in Stroke and Heart Attack Cases - Manipal Hospitals