Are Transfats Bad for You?

Posted On Aug 05, 2020

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All the food items sold in the market these days have nutritional labels on it. When we go through the label we see a lot of information regarding the contents used in the preparation of food. One of them is TRANSFAT. 

So what is TRANSFAT?

“Trans” means chemical makeup of fat. Processing of any fat changes the structure which is called hydrogenation and as a result of this oil becomes semisolid or hard and stable at room temperature making fat 5-60% saturated.

Let’s take an example of margarine which is made from vegetable oil. When butter is added or blended to it, it becomes firm and the saturated fatty acid of butter helps to keep the food item firm. By doing this we can extend the shelf life of the product. The product does not get spoilt for a long time. They do not develop rancid flavor and odor quickly.

Why the concern about TRANSFAT?

Trans fat acts like saturated fats raising the LDL Cholesterol (Bad) and decreasing HDL (Good) cholesterol and in turn increases the risk of fat deposition on the blood vessel wall and heart attacks. Visit the best nutrition and dietetics hospital in Mangalore for diet-related issues.

You do not need Trans fat for normal health.

Check food labels and go easy on foods with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Buy foods with no Trans fat or 0% trans fat.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding fats:

  1. Does the melting of fat like butter changes fat from saturated to unsaturated?

No. Liquefied butter if kept at room temperature it hardens again so saturated fat does not convert to unsaturated fat.

  1. Is ghee a good substitute for butter?

Ghee is nothing but clarified butter. It’s been heated, strained to remove milk solids so fat is slightly concentrated.

  1. If fat is bad, then why we need fat in the food?

Little fat in food adds flavor to the meal. It satisfied your hunger and makes you feel full after eating. If you are eating a low-fat diet you may feel hungry again within an hour or so.

  1. People, who want to lose weight, generally stop with fats. Is it good or bad?

A certain amount of Fats in the diet is necessary for dissolving the fat-soluble vitamins in the body, to give a glow to your skin, to maintain the body temperature etc. So the minimum amount of fat can be used in the diet. Choose healthy fats. It can be in the good of nuts and oilseeds also. Consult with the nutritionist in Mangalore for the perfect diet plan.


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