Fitness is Ageless

Posted On Aug 19, 2020

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Being fit defines every aspect of your health not only physical health but your emotional and mental well-being too. In fact, every one of these is interconnected. Smart eating or healthy eating and being active are the fundamentals of all three types of well-being.

When you are fit, you have:

  • Energy to do what is important to you and to be more productive

  • Stamina and positive outlook to handle mental challenges and emotional ups and downs of everyday life and to deal with stress.

  • Reducing risk for many lifestyle disorders like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, anxiety, and hypothyroidism

  • To look and feel better

  • Enhance the quality of life

Good nutrition and regular physical activity are the two lifestyle habits that promote fitness. Along with this make other good lifestyle choices like getting adequate sleep, quitting smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation, and reducing or managing stress by proper time management, getting a regular health check-up done at the top nutrition and dietetics hospital in Mangalore, etc.

Smart Eating:

It does not mean sacrificing all your favorites but choosing one food over others or exchange food items with the same nutrition content is the key to smart eating. Food is a source of pleasure, adventure and it’s no surprise that people entertain and celebrate events with food and look forward to a special dish on special occasions.

Your food reflects you and what is important to you. Simply learn how to fit in your favorites in the diet. In a nutshell, enjoy eating and see that most of the calories come from whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk and legumes, low-fat milk and milk products. Consume less energy that comes from sugars and fats. Consume a good amount of proteins and fiber. Do not forget the unforgettable ingredient that is water. Drinking adequate water is a must especially when you’re exercising. To know more about smart eating, consult with the best dietetics specialist in Mangalore.

Be realistic and make small changes in the diet over a period of time. Drastic changes will not help.

Be flexible; balance eating by being physically active.

Be sensible; enjoy everything but do not overdo things.

Be active; engage yourself in physical activity for at least 40 minutes daily.

Be adventurous. Try out new tastes and recipes with your favorites.

Maintaining a healthy weight and being active is the key to fitness at all ages and remember age is not a constraint when it comes to fitness.


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