Importance of E-Mental Health: Re-Aligning our minds to a new normal in the Covid Era

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Over the last couple of decades, Information and technology through its varied applications have infiltrated into varies aspects of life. The advancements in the field of IT have also been adopted in the field of health-care in various ways like to maintain records and dissipating the information to the general public. As we see the increase in the usage of smart-phones and digitally literate population in India, E-Health services are going to play a vital role and can benefit Indians particularly rural India.

As the global pandemic, COVID19 continues to spread it has been posing new challenges to the health system and its resources. With no end to the precautionary measures like travel restrictions and social distancing, it has posed difficulties to the health seekers for timely attention to their health needs. The change has created difficulties even to people with mental health issues. Visit the top psychology hospital in Mangalore virtually in this covid era.

What is E-Mental Health?

In the wake of the global health crisis, one of the first measures universally adopted was E-Consultations for the minor health ailments. Definitely, this came as a boon for bridging the gap of the spiking cases and the care required.  In mental health issues, since the physical examination is less crucial compared to other health issues ‘E-Mental Health’ has become the best-suited solution to both the health providers and the stakeholders in this new normal. Consult with the best psychiatrist in Mangalore today online.

Now, Covid-19 outbreak has potentially opened the door to adoption of the digital health services, it has definitely made it clear that adaptation of the technology can be of help to provide mental health services to the underserved areas in India even in the post-pandemic times.  


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