Is Social Withdrawal a Telltale Sign of Depression?

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Social withdrawal is one of the most common symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders, which affect over 30% of all Indians at some point in their lives. Social withdrawal or isolation may include avoiding attending formal meetings or informal gatherings of friends and relatives as they no longer seem fun and pleasurable. Moreover, for people with anxiety and other mental health issues, social interaction may feel like too much of an effort or extreme hard work. 

As per the National Alliance on Mental Health, anxiety and depression can deplete one’s energy reserves and make them feel fatigued so much so that the thought of getting dressed and going out feels overwhelming and daunting. While some people start skipping activities they generally enjoy, others isolate themselves from the world. 

As per doctors, social withdrawal is one of the most common telltale signs of depression. Clinically depressed people feel a very strong urge to pull away from people and shut down socially, which is, in reality, the exact opposite of what they need. Moreover, social withdrawal worsens the illness and how people feel by amplifying the stress response of the brain according to several medical researchers. If you have any above-mentioned symptoms then you should consult a psychiatry clinic in Mangalore.

Besides, people who suffer from anxiety also, generally, feel a strong urge to retreat from society, stay at home and isolate themselves from the world around them as meeting and interacting with people is too unbearably anxiety-provoking for them.

Social withdrawal can also occur because of social phobia, also known as a social anxiety disorder. It is an exaggerated fear of social interactions and involves making negative and obsessive assumptions about what others may think and what judgements they may make in social situations. Social phobia makes people distance themselves socially from strangers, acquaintances, colleagues and friends. 

While social withdrawal is undoubtedly a sign of concern and should be addressed by offering support and creating safe social spaces for the affected individuals, it can also be a behavioural characteristic of many people. Unlike extroverts or people who just love to be with other people, some people are perfectly content with solitude or don’t like to be in social situations. 

As it is incredibly difficult to separate an introvert or a shy person from a person with social anxiety or depression simply by observing their behaviour, it is necessary to talk to people exhibiting signs of social withdrawal and listen to their problems, fears, hopes, dreams and goals before advising them consultation with a doctor.

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