Post-Covid Infection: Watch Out For Signs Of Insomnia, Dementia and Anxiety

Covid 19 Treatment In Mangalore, India

This pandemic has been stressful for most of us! Not only the fear and anxiety of the new disease but there are also several issues. Our health, our loved ones, the finance, job, social support…. All the things to be worried about. 

The advocatory public health actions, such as social distancing has made people feel isolated and lonely and added up to the woes of existing circumstances. We have seen the highest levels of distress specific to the pandemic in terms of panic buying, avoidance of public places, overeating, and substance abuse including tobacco and alcohol. Due to these unexpected lifestyle changes and uncertainties, the majority of us have experienced unpleasant emotions like fear, frustration, irritability, hyperarousal, insomnia.  Adapting to this “New Normal” life along with managing the fear of contracting the virus and worrying about the people close to us who are vulnerable, has been challenging. 

Now more and more people have got infected and survived through the infection. But, the overall fear does not seem to have reduced. 

A 60yr gentleman retired bank officer who survived the infection presented to us after 2 months. He complained of low mood, sleeplessness, negative chain of thoughts, frequent panic attacks, reduced interest at work, and easy fatiguability. Another businessman aged 40yrs presented with the dullness of mood, frequent forgetfulness, disturbed sleep, and increased worries. 37yr housewife came after a month of infection with complaints of increased tension, fear of the unknown, episodes of chest discomfort and palpitations, reduced appetite, and sleeplessness. 

Covid19 patients are presenting with sleeplessness, fear, and anxiety after discharge. New research has found that nearly 1 person in 5 diagnosed with covid19 is displaying symptoms suggestive of depression, anxiety, foggy memory, or insomnia within three months. This is likely due to the combined effect of the psychological stress related to the pandemic and the physical effect of the disease. Consult with the top psychiatrist in Mangalore to know more about these mental health issues.

In this regard understanding, the biological basis of mental illness becomes imperative. Like any other physical illnesses, mental illnesses apart from having a psychological basis also result from biological perturbances. Covid19 infection is known to affect the immune system and the viruses elicit several key host immune responses with the release of multiple inflammatory factors. These inflammatory molecules are capable of communicating with nervous tissues through the secretion of a wide variety of cytokines. This results in the interaction between the immune systems and the psychopathological mechanism; underpinning psychiatric disorders.

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Dr. Krithishree Somanna

Consultant - Psychiatry

Manipal Hospitals, Mangalore


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