Core Biopsy


A core biopsy is a procedure where a needle is passed through the skin to obtain a sample of tissue from a mass or lump. The tissue sample is then examined under a microscope for any abnormalities.


Pre Procedure:

  • You are requested to carry the doctor’s prescription and come to the procedure room in the Oncology department.

  • Please inform your cancer specialist in Mangalore if you are on blood thinners / cardiac medicines.

  • There are no dietary or food restrictions before the procedure.

  • You must eat properly and come for the procedure. Make sure you are not on an empty stomach.


During Procedure:

  • This is an invasive procedure that usually takes about 20 minutes. It is performed by the treating doctor with a nurse assisting at all times.

  • You may experience slight pain/discomfort during the procedure.

  • You will be asked to sign a consent form.

  • You are settled comfortably in an area where your privacy is respected throughout the procedure.

  • The site of biopsy is exposed and the rest of the body is covered with a bedsheet/blanket.

  • The site is disinfected with an antiseptic solution.

  • A doctor may administer local anesthesia via injection around the area to numb it.

  • The procedure is done with an automated gun.

  • Post-procedure, the site will be disinfected with an antiseptic solution and band-aid will be applied to the site.

  • You will be asked to rest for 5 minutes.


Post Procedure:

  • Post-procedure, you may be advised, pain killers.

  • There are no dietary restrictions after the procedure and you may resume normal activities.

  • The applied band-aid may be removed after a few hours, post-procedure.

  • Reports will be available within <1 to 4 days> and can be collected from the Department. Visit Manipal, the cancer hospital in Mangalore for the treatment.

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