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Accident and Emergency Care

Emergency and Intensive Care Services in Mysore

The medical speciality is known as emergency care deals with treating illnesses and injuries that must be treated immediately. The victim's chances of survival considerably improve if they can be stabilised and delivered safely to a hospital within this time range. A few minutes can spell the difference between life and death in emergency trauma care, and this is where the emergency care fraternity steps in and ensures that the patients get the most potent treatment in their hour of need. Any healthcare system would be incomplete without emergency care. Giving the appropriate care at the appropriate time benefits many. As the hospital's essential cases flood the emergency rooms, they strain tremendously. However, despite the circumstances, it significantly affects the success of running hospitals and saving many lives.

Accident and Emergency Medicine Services


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Why Manipal?

Equipped with world-class and renowned emergency specialists, state-of-the-art emergency medical equipment, and triage of nurses, Manipal Hospitals provides high-quality emergency medical care in Mysore city. From critical trauma emergencies, cardiac emergencies, and stroke emergencies to paediatric emergencies and more.

The Manipal Ambulance Response Service (MARS) makes the emergency service of the facility one of the best in the nation. It is a dedicated ambulance service of the Manipal hospitals which provides 360-degree pre-hospital care during the “Golden Hour” in critical emergencies. The multidisciplinary team of highly skilled doctors and nurses specialising in urgent care and emergency work round the clock to ensure every patient is provided with the best care and recovery. The Manipal hospitals’ “Emergency Department” (ED) is available 24x7, treating infants, children, adolescents, and adults with all the care they need in a medical emergency. Book an appointment to learn more about the treatment.

Treatment & Procedures

Advanced emergency airway management…

Airway management is critical to the practice of emergency medicine. It is an essential skill when caring for severely injured or ill patients. RSI or rapid sequence intubation is one of the most used means of intubating the trachea for airway management.

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Reinflation of a collapsed lung

A collapsed lung can pose a severe danger to a patient, in addition to pain and distress. A quick and effective emergency procedure known as needle aspiration allows a doctor to remove air from the chest cavity, reducing the pressure on the collapsed lung and allowing it to function normally. In some cases, a more advanced procedure known as Percutaneous…

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Echocardiogram (Echo)

Cardiac Echo, Echocardiogram or Echo is the “Ultrasound of the Heart”. Here, the Echocardiography imaging test is performed to obtain live images of the patient’s heart; these live images are called Echocardiograms. The echo test uses sound waves to produce the heart's images, structure and function. Unlike X-rays and CT scans that use small radiation…

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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Emergency Department (ED) at Manipal hospital, Mysore, is equipped with specially trained healthcare professionals, advanced medical equipment and nurses who closely monitor critically ill patients 24X7 and ensure their vitals are stable. ICUs, Critical Care Units (CCU), or Intensive Therapy Units (ITU) are generally dedicated to patients who are critically…

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Trauma Care Centre

While the importance of Golden Hour is highly emphasised multiple times, it is favourably seen in trauma care centres. The trauma care centre is the part of ER which is highly dedicated to treating severe traumatic injuries that suddenly require immediate medical attention. Traumatic injuries are treated based on their severity level: low, moderate…

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CT Scan

The best-in-class advanced diagnostic medical equipment equipped with dedicated radiology centres, exclusive state-of-the-art imaging facilities, highly trained radiologists and skilled professional specialists backed by the Manipal Hospitals’ best health care services is set to provide every patient with high-quality and accurate diagnostic imaging…

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MRI Scan

Being more detailed and time intensive compared to CT, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the diagnostic imaging facility used to produce detailed images of organs and tissues in the patient’s body. MRI scan uses the magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves, which can potentially produce highly informative diagnostic images of the brain,…

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In cases where a patient is unable to breathe due to restricted airways, an emergency procedure known as a tracheostomy is performed to allow the patient to breathe directly from an opening in the throat which is connected to a ventilator. This is a key life-saving emergency procedure that prevents the patient from asphyxiating.

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Best Accident and Emergency Medicine Services

Manipal Hospitals, Mysore, treats patients suffering from life-threatening emergencies immediately by transferring the patient to Resuscitation Bay. Also known as Trauma Bay, highly-skilled emergency specialists assess and treat patients. ER doctors and specialists perform a quick, intense, full-body check-up and begin the right course of treatment without delay.  Various emergency treatments and procedures are provided to stabilize the patient, increase survival chances, and better recovery. Visit our multi-speciality hospital in Mysore to have the best treatment.

Best Emergency Treatment in Mysore

Facilities & Services

At Manipal Hospitals, the ER is equipped to cater to almost all medical emergencies that can happen. Some of the treatments offered here are - Advanced emergency airway management in adults - Basic airway management in adults - Capnography - Mechanical Ventilation in ER - Non invasive ventilation in ER - Rapid sequence intubation in adults - Tracheal Intubation and RSI - Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) in adults - Basic life support (BLS) in adults - Emergent surgical cricothyrotomy (cricothyroidotomy) - Infiltration of local anesthetics - Procedural sedation in adults - Arterial blood gases - Emergency pericardiocentesis - Central venous access - Peripheral venous access in adults - Temporary cardiac pacing - Closure of minor skin wounds with staples - Closure of skin wounds with sutures - Minor wound repair with tissue adhesives (cyanoacrylates) - Incision and drainage for skin abscess - Assessment and management of scalp lacerations - Closure of minor skin wounds with staples - Closure of skin wounds with sutures - Minor wound preparation and irrigation - Minor wound repair with tissue adhesives (cyanoacrylates) - Reduction of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dislocation - Shoulder dislocation and reduction - Splinting of musculoskeletal injuries - Lumbar puncture - Antepartum fetal heart rate assessment - Diagnostic thoracentesis - Placement and management of thoracostomy tubes


Remember the three Ps Preserve life: stop the person from dying. Prevent further injury: stop the person from being further injured. Promote recovery: try to help the person heal. After following the above procedure, one should reach out for professional assistance immediately.

Treating a patient with a medical emergency is different from treating a stable patient, every minute is crucial in a medical emergency. Stabilization, pain management, and immediate treatment without unnecessary delays are key. Visit our best emergency care hospital in Mysore to know more.

Trauma Emergencies, Cardiac Emergencies, Stroke Emergencies, Pediatric Emergencies

Echocardiography or Echo is the imaging test involving ultrasound of the heart. Various types of Echo include Transthoracic, Transoesophageal, Stress, 3D and foetal Echocardiogram. Consult with our best emergency care experts in Mysore to know more.

The surgical ICU is the dedicated intensive care unit that caters to postoperative patients and their needs. In the SICUs, postoperative patients who have undergone invasive surgical treatments, major intestinal surgeries, unstable multiple trauma victims and patients who require close monitoring and continuous life support are usually admitted here. 

Trauma centres are special zones in the ER. While a trauma care centre is dedicated to resuscitation of patients from severe traumatic injuries which require immediate medical assistance such as stab, gunshot wounds, severe burns, brain injuries, car crash, etc, ER treat medical conditions such as less severe burns, strokes, heart attacks, broken bones, severe diarrhoea, etc. 

To detect any internal bleeding in case of traumatic injuries 

To detect any blood clots which can lead to brain stroke disease

In the case of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA), to detect any ruptures causing chronic abdominal pain 

To detect and diagnose any vascular diseases

Consult with our experts at the best accident and emergency care hospital in Mysore.

Considering the importance of the golden hour in traumatically injured patients, a CT scan is most widely used compared to MRI since it is quick, painless, detailed and accurate.

Whether you are a victim or the first responder, being aware of medical emergencies and how to respond to it can be life-saving. Timely and quality medical assistance is the key to increasing the response and recovery of the patient. In case of an emergency call: 080 2222 1111

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