Split Skin Grafting in Mysore

Split Skin Graft

Split Skin Grafting in Mysore

In a split-thickness skin graft (STSG), just a portion of the second layer of skin is removed in addition to the epidermis, the upper layer of skin (dermis). Large patches of damaged or missing skin are often covered by providers using STSG. Usually, they remove healthy skin from the back, abdomen, bottom, or thighs. Typically, donor skin (the region from where the skin was taken) recovers on its own over the course of 1-2 weeks.

What takes place before Split Skin-graft surgery?

Your healthcare practitioner can advise you to cease taking certain drugs before skin transplant surgery (such as blood thinners). Before surgery, you should stop smoking for at least a few weeks. Smokers are more prone to experience difficulties after a skin graft, and smoking hinders your skin's ability to recover from surgery.

Before surgery, you will see your doctor to discuss the procedure's details and locate the donor site. To the graft site, they will transplant healthy skin (the damaged or missing skin). Your physician will seek skin that matches the tone and texture of the graft location when deciding which healthy skin to transplant. Consult with our experts to have the best treatment.


In a hospital, you will undergo skin transplant surgery. Although minor grafts can be performed under local anaesthetic, your procedure is often performed under general anaesthesia (when completely unconscious). The surgeon will extract healthy skin from the donor site by cutting and incisions. Depending on the method employed by your provider, the healthy skin may be removed from the: Abdomen (belly) (belly), chest or the back, bottom, groin region, Clavicle region (collarbone), Forearm, Hip, outer thigh, or inner thigh.

Your doctor could make a few small interconnecting incisions or tiny perforations in the healthy skin before transferring it. This process is known as meshing by suppliers, and healthy skin could resemble a fishnet. With this approach, your doctor can stretch the skin across a more extensive region. It also aids in the recovery process following surgery.

The healthy skin is applied on top of the injured or missing skin by your physician, and they involve dressing and sewing or clipping the skin to keep it in place. Following surgery, the graft and donor sites will recover, and the graft site will probably need a longer time to recover.


Typically, a skin graft requires two surgical sites (the donor site and the graft site). Your healthcare professional will monitor your well-being, check out for infections, and ensure that both wounds are healing appropriately. Visit our plastic and cosmetic surgery hospital in Mysore for the best treatment.

You might have to stay in the hospital for up to two weeks following surgery. The kind of skin transplant surgery you have will determine how long you have to remain. When you leave the hospital and return home, abide by your provider's recommendations. You could be asked to:

  • Cover the wounds with a bandage or other covering.

  • Protect the wound and refrain from any vigorous exercise that could harm the graft site while it is healing.

  • Utilize painkillers to manage your agony.

  • Visit your doctor for more checkups.

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