5 Dietary and Lifestyle Changes to do during a Self-Quarantine at Home

Posted On Mar 27, 2020

Ms. Nabanita Saha

Chief Clinical Dietitian - Nutrition & Dietetics

Manipal Hospitals - Old Airport Road - Bengaluru

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While it’s utmost important to isolate yourself from others during Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak situation, but it is important to know how to stay healthy and fit so as not to welcome other problems due to lack of physical activities and munching on unhealthy food. To be on the safer side, visit a nutrition and dietetics hospital in Bangalore.

If you are living in one of the cities that is currently in a locked-down or are one of those who are in a self-imposed quarantine then you are probably answering office calls, working on your laptop, watching television or reading a book. While your physical activities have gone down to a great extent, you are probably eating food in the same quantity or more. As we may not realise it right now but this can affect your health. While earlier we were involved in many physical activities like going to the gym, playing sports, dancing, morning or evening walks etc. which have come to a halt now due to social distancing. 

Please keep in mind below the 5 things you should do from today to stay healthy and fit:

  1. Check your weight- An ideal weight is key to avoid many lifestyle diseases. To find out where do you stand and eat only that many calories that your metabolism can sustain. 

  2. Eat the Right Carb- As most people think avoiding carbs totally is the healthiest step towards losing unhealthy weight. It’s important to understand that we need the right kind of carbs in our diet to successfully lose weight. They are essential to us as they give us the required energy and in their absence body tries to store fat as it gets into a sense of starvation. So include complex carbs like whole cereals, grains, millets and fruits. You should, however, avoid simple carbs such as sugar, bakery products, candies, ice-creams, soft drinks and refined foods. To know more about your Quarantine diet consult online the best dietician in Bangalore at Manipal Hospitals.

  3. Good Quality protein- Including a good quality protein like eggs, lean white meat, poultry, fish, soya, beans, and lentils in each of your meals will help to maintain your blood sugar levels and reduce your hunger pangs. As protein takes time to digest, it allows a slow release of sugar when coupled with complex carbs.  Hence, you will not be tempted to open your fridge every time. 

  4. Exercise- Based on your current physical abilities you can easily do some light stretching and yoga or bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and squats at home. Alternatively, you can burn a few more calories by walking in your house premises and finishing some household chores. 

  5. Drink plenty of water- As you may not feel very thirsty being in the comfort of your home, it is important to maintain good hydration. Water is a life-sustaining nutrient which maintains our body temperature, helps in digestion, detoxifies our body and aids in utilizing body fat. Drinking less water will lead to fatigue, headache and muscle pain. 


Ms. Nabanita Saha

Chief Clinical Dietitian - Nutrition & Dietetics

Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road, Bangalore