Complex Limb Saving Surgery for Massive Tumour around Wrist

Posted On Dec 23, 2019

Dr. Srimanth B S

Consultant - Orthopaedic Onco Surgery

Manipal Hospitals - Old Airport Road - Bengaluru

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Giant cell tumour of bone (GCTB) is an aggressive benign tumour and large volume tumours often require a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve favourable outcomes. It is always recommended to visit an orthopedic hospital in Bangalore for the diagnosis.

This 24-year lady, student by profession presented with the history of progressive swelling of her right wrist for 9 months duration. She was diagnosed with GCTB of the right distal radius (non-metastatic) and the tumour had grown to large size (15 cm X 17 cm X 12 cm) encasing the vitals structures of hand and wrist.

She has advised amputation at multiple centers, which would have been disfiguring, traumatic and disabling. The family was counseled about the feasibility of limb salvage surgery and she subsequently underwent meticulous removal of tumour by Dr. Srimanth B S, Orthopaedic Oncology team followed by reconstruction of the forearm and wrist by Dr. Srikanth, Plastic Surgery team. The defect was filled with bone graft from a patient’s leg attached to muscle, skin and blood vessel which was followed by microvascular and tendon reconstruction.

At 21 months of follow up, she is disease free and able to use her hand and thumb for all daily activities, including riding a 2 wheeler.

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Dr. Srimanth B S
Consultant Orthopaedic Oncologist
Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru