COVICARE CLINIC: Win Against The After-effects of COVID-19

Posted On Apr 07, 2021

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Dr. Ranjit Mohan

Consultant - Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases

Manipal Hospitals - Old Airport Road - Bengaluru

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The COVID-19 infection is no ordinary viral infection. Millions of people have succumbed to the virus globally and many have been hospitalized needing critical care. Evidence suggests that approximately 30% of those recovered from active COVID-19 infection are readmitted to the hospital due to post-infection complications and almost 12% of them die due to these complications. However, most of these deaths could be prevented if these complications are addressed in time. This highlights the importance of not only the management of the active infection but the need for long-term health surveillance in recovered patients. 

Recognizing Early Symptoms

Global evidence suggests that patients with severe COVID-19 infections requiring hospitalization and those with co-morbid conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or respiratory illness are at higher risk of developing moderate to severe post-COVID complications.

Symptoms of such complications include: 

  • Abnormal heart rate, palpitation, chest pain (could indicate heart and blood vessel-related complications).

  • Breathlessness, fatigue, difficulty in carrying out daily activities (could indicate lung complications).

  • Low urine output, infrequent urination, nausea and vomiting, poor appetite, severe back pain (could signal kidney complications). 

  • High levels of liver enzymes and abnormal liver function (may indicate liver damage).

  • Confusion dizziness, memory loss, blurred vision, inability to focus, seizures (can indicate brain cell damage).

  • Nausea, abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, diarrhea, gastritis (may signal gastrointestinal tract trouble). 

Some of these complications have debilitating consequences such as stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, etc and thus needs to be evaluated and treated by a medical professional in time. These complications may persist even after months of recovering from the infection. 

If you have any of the above symptoms, then contact the best COVID hospital in Bangalore to avoid any complications.


Manipal hospital is one of the leading healthcare conglomerates in India and one of the best Covid care centres in Bangalore.

COVICARE Clinic is an initiative of Manipal Hospitals for helping all COVID-19 recovered patients to monitor their health on the road to recovery, identify warning signs and symptoms and seek early essential treatment to avoid post-infection complications. In the process of treating thousands of COVID-19 patients, we have gained ample experience and are equipped with the required facilities to identify early complications and offer necessary services to COVID-19 recovered patients.

Our COVICARE clinic provides dedicated supportive care and treatment to people with post-COVID-19 complications such as acute respiratory problems or cardiovascular emergencies, etc which are handled on a high priority basis. 

  • We have a holistic approach to patient care through a highly specialized team comprised of experienced specialists in various field of medical science, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians and mental health counsellors.

  • Para-medical staffs, especially our nurses, are extensively experienced in taking care of COVID-19 patients. 

Facilities Available

Various facilities are available at the COVICARE Clinics at Manipal hospital, including:

Personalized Treatment Plan: The COVICARE clinic offers customized treatment for every patient, depending upon the severity of complications, age of the patient, comorbidities and the organs or systems affected. We have the best infectious disease specialist in Bangalore to give you the best care and treatment you need.

Counselling Sessions: Social isolation, the stigma associated with the disease and fear of death have led to mental trauma, anxiety and depression in many patients infected with COVID-19. At COVICARE clinic, our experienced psychologists offer exclusive counselling sessions to recovered patients to help them cope through these difficult times back to normal health. Consult with the top internal medicine doctors in Bangalore for better treatment.

Dietician Consultants: Exhaustion, fatigue and weakness is common post-recovery. COVICARE clinic offers personalized food plan by expert dietician consultants to ensure faster recovery and stronger immunity to fight off future infection. 

Physiotherapy Sessions: COVICARE clinic also provides physiotherapy sessions to improve mobility and daily activities in those with post-COVID-19 complications. 

All these services are available through the video consultation mode also.

Laboratory and Diagnostics: Manipal hospitals – Old Airport Road has developed various customized laboratory and diagnostic plans for the people recovered from COVID-19. These tests will help in the early diagnosis and treatment of post-COVID-19 complications. 

Facilities for a sample collection from home is available through Manipal Hospital Laboratories.

Follow-up check-ups: COVICARE clinic also have the facility for follow-up check-ups through which patients can visit our specialists on a scheduled date and time. The medical specialists perform a thorough health examination to rule out the presence of any COVID-19 related complications. We have the best internal medicine doctors in Bangalore who perform a thorough examination to check for any COVID-19 related symptoms or complications.


What are the different lifestyle changes recommended after recovering from COVID-19?

Do the following after recovering from COVID-19:

  • Take ample rest until you recover

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet & stay well hydrated

  • Exercise regularly but do not overexert

  • Avoid stress

  • Get medical advice in case you have symptoms or complications

  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from family or friends

  • Try puzzles or exercises that keep you busy and improve mental functioning

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking

  • Take immunity boosters (when prescribed by the doctor)

Which are the riskiest days after recovering from COVID-19?

Although you must take good care of yourself until you feel completely fit, the first ten days after discharge from the hospital are considered riskiest. A study found that patients were at high risk for re-infection and readmission due to other complications within 10 days of discharge from the hospital.

Why are people at risk of developing cardiovascular complications after recovering from COVID-19?

COVID-19 infection causes inflammation of the heart, causing a high risk of heart failure and other complications. A study reported that approximately 75% of COVID survivors experienced cardiovascular issues. Patients who already have cardiac diseases are at a relatively higher risk.

Why do some people have mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms while others have severe and sometimes fatal symptoms?

Currently, it is believed that several factors decide whether the patient would experience a milder form or a severe form of the disease. Some of the factors are:

  • Age: Middle-aged and elderly are at high risk for developing severe COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Gender: The male death ratio due to COVID-19 is high in some countries.

  • Comorbidities: People with at least one medical issue, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, are more prone to severe COVID-19 attack.



Dr. Ranjit Mohan

Consultant – Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases

Manipal Hospitals Bangalore – Old Airport Road