EEG - Electroencephalogram


  • EEG or Electroencephalogram is a test that records electrical activity of the brain and brain wave patterns.


Pre Procedure:

  • Your scalp needs to be oil-free for a clear recording. 


During Procedure:

  • The technologist will check your scalp to see whether its oil free.

  • You must remove your ornaments / accessories / purse / belt etc.

  • You will be required to lie on the bed.

  • Technologist will place electrodes on your head after cleaning the areas with gel.

  • Doctor might administer mild sedatives, if necessary.

  • You should close your eyes & relax while the procedure is being conducted. 

  • This procedure is absolutely painless.

  • The technologist will ask you to do different things at different times during the EEG. He or she might have you look at a flashing light or breathe in and out deeply and quickly. Book an appointment at Manipal for Brain Treatment in Old Airport Road.

  • The technologist will monitor you through the console, while the test is conducted.

  • Post the test, the electrodes will be removed and excess gel will be wiped off your scalp with cotton and tissues. 


Post Procedure:

  • After procedure, you can resume your daily routine activities.

  • The report will be issued in an hour, post procedure, at the reception. Advanced Neurology Treatment is available at Manipal, visit today.

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