F18 Bone Scan


  • A F18 bone scan is a nuclear imaging test used to help diagnose problems with bones. It safely uses a very small amount of radioactive drug called a radiopharmaceutical. This scan is done in case of unexplained skeletal pain, bone infection, spread of tumour to bones  or any bone injury that can't be seen on a standard X-ray.


Pre Procedure:

  • This procedure does not require fasting or any diet restriction.

  • You must inform the doctor of any history of contrast allergy, asthma, arthritis, joint issues or fracture. In such cases, 15 minutes before the procedure, pre-medication is administered.

  • You must inform the doctor of any past history of surgery as well.

  • In case you have done this scan earlier, please carry your past reports / CDs.

  • If you know or think you could be pregnant, inform attending staff.

  • You must have plenty of water to flush out the radioactive medicine from the body.


During Procedure:

  • You are settled comfortably in an area where your privacy is respected throughout the procedure. You will be given a hospital gown to change into.

  • You will have to take off all ornaments, metallic accessories and inner wear with metal wires etc.

  • In case of paediatrics or patients who do not cooperate, sedation is suggested. 

  • A cannula is inserted and a small dose of radioactive injection is given via IV. You will then be isolated for 45 mins to 1 hour, 

  • You must drink water during this isolation period, mineral water will be provided to you. Before you are taken for the imaging, you will be asked to void urine.

  • Post these isolation procedures, the whole body scan is done. The initial part of the scan is a diagnostic CT.

  • Post this PET imaging is done which usually takes about 10 to 15 mins.

  • Both CT scan and PET imaging are done in the same couch.


Post Procedure:

  • You must drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water during the course of the day, which is essential to flush out the remaining radioactive medicine in the body.

  • You must stay away from pregnant women and children for 24 hours, to avoid radioactive exposure.

  • Lactating mothers should stop feeding for 24 hours post procedure.

  • There are no dietary restrictions post the procedure and you may resume all normal activities too.

  • Reports will be issued the next day.