• An echocardiogram is basically an ultrasound of the heart. The procedure employs the use of 2D, 3D and Doppler ultrasound for creating images of the heart. No radiation is produced during the procedure.


  • No specific instructions are required to be followed before the test.

  • The patient must avoid wearing metallic accessories, belts, ornaments etc.

During Procedure

  • The patient will be moved to an area where their privacy will be respected throughout the procedure. They will be given a hospital gown for changing into.

  • Ornaments/accessories/belt/purse etc. must be removed.

  • Mobile phones must be kept on silent mode.

  • An ultrasound probe will be used by the technologist, who will apply to conduct gel on the patient’s stomach, chest and neck for obtaining different views of the heart. The procedure will be performed by a female technologist if the patient is a female.

  • After obtaining the desired images, the electrodes will be removed by the technologist, who will also wipe off the excess gel with tissues.

  • The procedure is completely painless and takes around 15 minutes.

Post Procedure

  • The patient may resume their routine activities after the procedure.

  • Reports will be shared with the patient within 30 minutes after the completion of the procedure.

An echocardiogram in Kolkata is available at Manipal Hospital, it helps in controlling irregular heartbeats to protect against heart rhythm disorders. Book an appointment at one of the best heart hospitals in Kolkata and receive world-class treatment under the supervision of highly experienced cardiac specialists.


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