TMT - Tread Mill Test


  • A treadmill test or exercise test or stress test measures the functioning of the heart when it is beating rapidly and working hard. This test assists doctors in evaluating if the heart is getting and pumping enough blood under physically strenuous conditions.

Pre Procedure

  • The patient must avoid drinking, smoking or eating at least 3 hours prior to the test.

  • Regular medications can be taken after consultation with the doctor. However, the patient may be asked to change or stop their heart medications before the test.

  • The patient must wear loose comfortable clothing so that they can comfortably walk on the treadmill. Metallic jewellery/belt/ornaments etc. must be removed before the test.

  • Male patients will be asked to shave off excessive chest hair before the procedure.

During Procedure

  • The procedure generally takes around 30 minutes.

  • The patient will be asked to change into a hospital gown and must remove a purse, belt or ornaments.

  • Mobile phones should be kept on silent mode.

  • The chest area will be disinfected by the technician before the procedure, who will then apply gel and place the electrodes.

  • The patient’s blood pressure and ECG will be monitored by the technician while he/she walks on the treadmill. The technician will end the test when the patient gets tired or when the ECG starts showing abnormalities. 

  • The patient will be asked to rest for 4 minutes and the ECG and BP will be recorded again.

  • After recording the BP and ECG, the technician will remove the electrodes and wipe off the excess gel on the chest with tissues and cotton. 


  • Some patients may experience trouble breathing and an abnormal heartbeat and also feel dizzy after the test. 

  • The report will be shared with the patient within 15 minutes after the completion of the procedure.

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