Hemodialysis Treatment in Salt Lake, Kolkata

Hemodialysis involves the filtration of wastes, fluid and salts from the blood with the help of a dialysis machine when the kidneys are no longer functioning properly. This procedure is usually performed to treat advanced kidney failure and can help a patient with kidney failure continue living an active life despite damaged kidneys. Hemodialysis Treatment in Salt Lake is available at Manipal Hospitals, visit today.

The procedure is recommended to patients undergoing treatment for the underlying disease or to those who are waiting for a suitable kidney donor to become available for a kidney transplant. The dialysis machine consists of a filter called dialysis which filters out water and impurities from the blood. 

An arteriovenous (AV) connection is made from the patient’s arm to the dialysis machine for connecting the blood flow to the dialysis machine. A minor surgical procedure is performed to connect an artery and vein to the dialysis machine and form the AV fistula which is the most common AV connection. The fistula becomes stronger gradually and helps reduce pain while connecting to the machine with the help of needles. In some instances, an AV graft is used which is also highly effective but needs more maintenance. Consult with our experts for more clarity on the treatment procedure.