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Interventional Radiology

"Interventional Radiology" (IR) is a specialised field in radiology where image guidance is used to perform a wide range of minimally invasive procedures. Interventional radiologists are specialist doctors who are extensively trained in both diagnostic and interventional radiology. They have expertise in interpreting medical images, diagnosing and treating various types of medical conditions, and performing a wide range of IR procedures. These procedures are mostly minimally invasive that is performed through a tiny incision. Compared to the traditional open surgeries, these procedures are equally effective, less risky, less painful, offer speedy recovery, shorter hospitalization, and improved outcomes. With recent technological advances and innovations, interventional radiology procedures have become the first option in treating many conditions.

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Why Manipal?

We at Manipal hospital have a group of committed and dedicated interventional radiologists with vast expertise in this field. Our interventional radiologists collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of doctors and have performed several minimally invasive procedures with excellent outcomes over several years. We are part of large multidisciplinary groups in our hospitals, continuously improving patient care and outcomes. We use advanced and innovative technology to perform various interventional radiology procedures to provide world-class, patient-centric, comprehensive care.

Treatment & Procedures

Urological Interventions

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Biopsy And Drainages

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Interventional Oncology

Interventional oncology is now considered the fourth pillar of oncology. This is a fast-growing field where minimally invasive diagnostic and interventional procedures are performed. 

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Venous Interventions

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Obstetrics And Gynaecology (OBG) Interventions

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Interventional Nephrology

Interventional radiology is used in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the kidney.

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Pulmonology Interventions

Interventional pulmonology uses minimally invasive procedures with imaging guidance for the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions of the respiratory system.

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Gastro-intestinal Interventions 

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Vascular/Arterial Interventions

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Interventional Radiology Lab in Bangalore

Treatments and Procedures

  • Interventional Oncology 
  • Nephrology 
  • Gastrointestinal Interventions 
  • Pulmonary Interventions
  • Urological Interventions 
  • Biopsy, Drainages & Miscellaneous  
  • Embolisation 
  • Venus/Arterial Interventions
  • Vascular/Arterial Interventions 
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