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Liver Transplantation Surgery

Liver Transplantation Surgery in Bangalore

A liver transplant is a surgical procedure where a liver failure case is treated by transplanting a healthy liver from either a deceased or a living donor.

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Why Manipal?

Coming under the branch of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Manipal Hospitals' Liver transplant program is the largest of its kind in the country. The Liver transplantation program hosts a team of surgeons, doctors, nurses and other health professionals, who take care of the patient and the patient's family through the transplant process. Manipal Hospitals provide quality care focused on the individual needs of a patient. Hosting comprehensive expertise under one roof, focused on the patient makes the patient not just get one opinion but multiple opinions.

Treatment & Procedures

Transplant and post-op care

If a suitable donor liver has been found, surgeons then work to transplant the donor liver into the patient. The patient will then be placed on medication for pain management, anti-infection and immune suppression. The immunosuppressants are given to ensure that the body does not begin to recognize and attack the new donated liver as an intruder. In…

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Whipple Procedure

A Whipple procedure (also called pancreaticoduodenectomy) is a complex, yet lifesaving surgical procedure used to treat pancreatic cancer, and other disease and disorders of the pancreas, bile duct, duodenum etc. The procedure involves the removal of the part of the pancreas(head of the pancreas), duodenum, bile duct, and sometimes portions of the…

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Living Donor Liver Transplant

In this procedure, a part of a healthy donor's liver is extracted and implanted into the patient that needs a liver. These procedures are most common among family members, since they have the highest chance to match with each other. The donor will spend around a week in the hospital with roughly 8 weeks of recovery time before they are able to function…

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liver transplant surgery hospital in bangalore


The liver is the largest internal organ performing several critical functions, and a liver transplant is usually referred to when it stops performing those functions because of chronic liver disease or sudden failure of a previously normal liver.

But the people waiting for a liver transplant exceeds the number of available donor livers. Hence, Manipal Hospitals welcomes family members or friends as they could make a good match and donate a portion of their liver. The human liver regenerates faster and returns to its original size soon after the surgery, and this makes living-donor liver transplant the best option rather than waiting for a deceased-donor liver to become available.

liver transplant hospitals in bangalore

Facilities & Services

The liver is one of the most complex organs playing an important role in the quality of life. Liver transplantation restores a better quality of life and helps patients in living healthy. Some of the reasons why a transplant would be needed are Acute liver failure, Biliary atresia, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis (viral, autoimmune and idiopathic), Liver tumours, Metabolic diseases, Portal hypertension, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis At Manipal Hospitals, facilities are there to cater to most critical liver-related concerns


During the surgery, the surgeon takes out your liver and replaces it with a donor liver. The surgeon will then attach your bile ducts and blood arteries to the donated liver. Depending on your health condition, surgery could last up to 12 hours. After transplanting the liver, the physician closes the surgical incision with stitches and staples.

According to reports, the average survival rate after 1 year is 89%. Almost 75% of patients who undergo liver transplant surgery survive 5 years and more.

Live transplantation surgery is one of the most difficult transplant operations. The patient’s survival rate might vary from 85 to 99%. The average mortality rate is around 10%.

Liver transplant surgery is a major surgery that can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to fully recover. However, if the surgery is successful and the donor's liver is healthy, the patient can return to their normal life after a few months. However, they must take medications properly without any miss.

Liver transplantation is the last option for patients who suffer from any chronic illness/localised liver cancer or have experienced recent liver damage and the liver has completely stopped working due to various reasons. Those who can’t survive without transplantation must undergo a liver transplant.

After a liver transplantation surgery, patients are strictly prohibited from taking alcohol or other toxins. Moreover, they will need to follow a strict routine and take prescribed medications without missing.

Liver transplantation, like any other organ transplantation, is the patient's choice. But a new liver is a gift of life that needs to be respected and cared with appreciation. Contact us to know more about Liver transplant surgery and book an appointment with one of our surgeons today.


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