Transfusion Medicine Hospital in Bangalore
Transfusion medicine hospital in Bangalore

Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine Hospital in Bangalore

The transfusion medicine division of Manipal Hospitals upholds high standards for the provision of safe blood in adequate quantities to suit the demands of patients admitted to the hospital. Our blood transfusion wards provide facilities for donors to donate blood, and the blood banks to safely store the blood until needed. After collecting the blood, experts separate the blood into various components such as packed red cells, platelet concentrate, fresh frozen plasma, etc., and subject all of the donated blood to necessary tests.

Transfusion Medicine Specialist in Bangalore


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Why Manipal?

At Manipal Hospitals, we have a team of experts who have decades of experience in blood transfusion for major surgeries. We strive to provide the best level of service for each patient. Our transfusion medicine department consists of highly qualified personnel that give great care and are aware of the patients' unique needs. We provide blood transfusions for patients every day, making us one of the largest transfusion medicine departments with years of experience. Book an appointment at our best transfusion medicine hospital in Bangalore.

Transfusion Medicine and Blood Bank in Bangalore


The transfusion medicine department at Manipal Hospitals consists of:

  • Blood collection section where blood is collected via in-house blood collection and through outdoor camps

  • Blood processing section including serology, Transfusion Transmitted Infections(TTIs), and NAT-PCR. 

  • Blood issue section where we cater to the needs of the patients admitted to the hospital.

We are available throughout the week to provide you with any blood transfusion service you may require. In order to deliver the best care in India, we have a well-established lab with the most up-to-date technological equipment for patient diagnosis and treatment. Visit our top hospital in Bangalore to have the best treatment.

Transfusion Medicine and Blood Bank

Facilities & Services

Manipal Hospitals provide various facilities and services in the transfusion medicine department. Some of the facilities during blood test and investigation are:

  • Blood grouping and cross matching

  • Antibody screening and identification

  • Minor blood group phenotyping

  • Resolving blood group discrepancy

  • Quality control of blood and blood components

  • Exchange transfusion and Coombs test

  • Supply of whole blood, packed red blood cells (RBCs), fresh frozen plasma (FFP), and random donor platelet (RDP)


A transfusion medicine specialist deals with the removal and/or transfusion of blood or blood components. 

Various procedures under transfusion medicine are collection (donation), testing, processing, storing, and transfusing blood and its components.

Medical technologists in the transfusion medicine unit are responsible for performing blood collection and processing, including selecting donors, collecting blood, typing blood and molecular testing. In addition to that, they also perform viral marker testing to ensure patient safety.

Visit us and consult with our experts about transfusion medicine treatment in Bangalore. Book an appointment today.

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