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Explore the Opportunities to grow and help grow at Manipal Hospitals. At Manipal Hospitals , we don’t just work, we also learn as we do it and without a doubt have fun doing it! As a result of this, working at Manipal is an experience one looks forward to rather than just a job one reports to every morning.

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Why Manipal?

The engaging and inclusive culture has boded well for the thousands of happy employees over the years will continue to do so for the many others. We will always work as a close knit team that thrives on healthy teamwork and the satisfaction of being there for one another. That’s why, when an employee joins us, it is like our family has a new addition. We have always believed in the power of the human potential and consider our employees to be our greatest assets. It is often said that , "An organisation is only as good as the people it keeps" and we believe every word of this. A large part of our success is thanks to our highly motivated workforce of 16500 people from diverse personal and professional backgrounds who get together in the medical and non-medical fields to effectively run this large network of 15 hospitals, spread across India .

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