TMT - Tread Mill Test


  • TMT or Tread Mill Test or Stress Test or Exercise Test measures how well the heart works when it is beating fast and working hard. A stress test helps doctors see if the heart is getting enough blood during these times. 


Pre Procedure:

  • To prepare for a stress test, you will need to avoid eating, drinking or smoking 3 hours prior.

  • You can continue your regular medications but if you are on any heart medicines, you may need to change or stop some of them before the test, which your doctor will advise.

  • You must wear loose comfortable clothing so that you can walk on the treadmill comfortably. Please avoid wearing any metallic jewellery/ornaments/belt etc. Manipal has the Best Medical Test Lab, visit today to get the facilities.

  • Male patients are required to shave off excessive chest hair before arriving for the test.


During Procedure:

  • The test usually takes around 30 minutes. 

  • You need to change into a hospital gown and also remove ornaments/purse/ belt etc.

  • Mobile phones need to be on silent mode. 

  • Prior to the procedure, the technician will disinfect the chest area, apply the gel and then place the electrodes.

  •  The technician will then explain & demonstrate how to walk on the treadmill.

  • The technician will monitor your BP and ECG, while you walk on the treadmill, and regularly check how you are feeling. The test will end when you are tired or when the ECG shows abnormalities.

  • You will be asked to rest for 4 minutes and BP, as well as ECG, will be recorded again.

  • Cardiologists in Vijayawada will gently remove the electrodes one by one and wipe off excess gel on the chest with cotton and tissues.


Post Procedure: 

  • A few patients may experience abnormal heartbeat, trouble in breathing and feel dizzy, which will subside in some time. 

  • The report will be issued within 15 mins, post-procedure, by the technician. Book an appointment at Manipal for Heart Treatment in Vijayawada.