Flexible Bronchoscopy

Respiratory Disease treatment in Vijayawada

A flexible bronchoscopy is performed to look inside the patient’s respiratory system (nose, throat and lungs). This procedure involves the use of a bronchoscope, which is a soft tube with a camera and light on the end. Pictures of the respiratory system are produced on a monitor during the procedure.

Why is a Flexible Bronchoscopy Recommended?

A flexible bronchoscopy helps doctors diagnose inflammation, lung diseases, infections or cancer. This procedure is usually recommended to patients who have blood in their spit, severe cough or experience difficulty in breathing. The procedure may involve a biopsy which is performed by removing a small tissue sample, which is then sent to a laboratory for tests. The patient may also need lavage during the procedure, which involves washing parts of the lungs and airway with a small amount of saline. The cells that are rinsed of are sent to the lab for tests. Book an appointment today for Respiratory Disease treatment in Vijayawada.

Besides, a flexible bronchoscopy is also recommended for removing a tumor or a foreign object that is blocking the airway. The doctor may insert tools, such as probe, suction device, needle or laser through the scope for heating or freezing tissues or suctioning out blood clots or mucus plugs. They may also be used for stopping bleeding or placing a balloon or stent to widen the airway. Consult with our pulmonologists in Vijayawada regarding bronchoscopy treatment for respiratory disease.